What to eat at Native Foods?

What to eat at Native Foods?

Spark of creation

I was translating a general manager and a customer's conversation into a smooth and quick questionnaire. I recently watched a GM assist a customer in deciding what to order at Native Foods. His first question was, "do you wanna eat a little or a lot?" I was so shocked. It's a simple question but effectively splits an extensive menu into two clear categories. After recording his following few questions, noting the customer's satisfaction, and docking the speed of the conversation, I had what Jimmy Neutron would call a brain blast. I went home and started working on this design the next day.

This questionnaire doesn't seek to replace the interaction between employees and a customer. Instead, it serves as a bridge between the two, decreasing the overall transaction time and offering the customer a bit of agency over the menu.

The color palette and images are pulled from the current Native Foods app, with Unicode emojis.

Black and white emoji alternatives made using Google's Noto Emoji.

Shout out to that General manager; it's not every day you see passionate people who care not only about their job but reserve a little empathy for folks they come in contact with. Their spark led to this project.