Is beauty right there all around you; or only seen from the top of the mountain? (Image created with Midjourney)

I'm learning to be okay with the fact that I'm "behind," but letting it fuel me to keep going. Not being where I want to be in life or where my peers are in life was a difficult reality to accept. Luckily once I accepted it, I realized the whole time I was missing the beauty of my reality. Comparison caused me to focus on what was missing, overlooking what wasn't.

If I don't need it, am I behind for not having it? My desire to climb the financial totem pole, gain the high-rise with minimalist aesthetics, and a soft life rooted in single-use kitchen tools is not centered on necessity. And if that's the case, why am I putting this pressure on myself? It's not a need; my survival or the survival of those around me is not contingent upon the backdrop of my TikTok's.

Therefore that's not a mountain I really need to climb. Hell, why am I even looking at the mountain? If it's a struggle to just admire it's beauty, if looking is causing me such pain, then I need to look away. This is when agency comes into play. I've got to remember I have the power to do exactly that. I can avert my gaze. Putting distance between me and those mountains is a great way to shrink there size and diminish there affect.

It's hard to look away from what we're conditioned to desire but if the desire is hurting me; it's my duty to look away.