2022; this is not over yet

2022; this is not over yet

2022 was all about finding ways outside of the traditional theatre scene to amplify my voice as an artist. Let's recap.

January to March

I wanted to express myself. And loudly. These three months were spent throwing sticky notes at the wall, trying to flesh out Why We Can't Just Put the Lights Up; Amongst other things. Made Black and Women's History buttons, wall art, notebooks, flashcards, and more. When I think of bold expressions, Toni Morrison and James Baldwin come to mind. Their essence and how they challenged themselves and others to reflect on how they take up space. As important as it was for me to live loud and in color, I needed to grapple with how that affected those around me. Those thoughts showed up in my work.

A Sticky Note from Why We Can't Just Put the Lights Up. January 4th, 2022
Black History Wall art. February 1st, 2022
Sticker. March 1st, 2022
"…the need to express- to communicate.." - La Vie Boheme, RENT

April to July

It didn't take long to figure out that expression and effective communication are two different things. Who thought? 😅 I took some time to clean up my thoughts with a blog. Writing forces much-needed clarity.

Blog post image. April 25th, 2022

Eventually, I went on to dip my toe in the social media pool and started posting more to IG. Writing is hard. Reels are hard. Sharing is worth it. Miraculously, I found a deal for $200 off on a 3D printer. Yeah, two hundred whole dollars; I couldn't resist, and thankfully because the Ender 3 Pro quickly changed my life.

3D printing unlocked a new level of agency within me. I begin to believe with so much fervor in every idea. Good and bad ideas, but most importantly, because of the printer, I learned that patience, practice, and planning are central to successful ideas.

Sketch of a web page idea. June 30th, 2022
The Blockhead Family. July 21, 2022
"…my own space to think and dream and plan…" - Get Out and Stay Out, 9 to 5

August to October

Create! Let there be! I let my hunger for learning drive me further into exploring software such as Autodesk Fusion 360, Figma, and Cloudflare. And crafting in new mediums like silicone and liquid resin. I designed it all! Board games, nostalgic items from Nickelodeon, magic wand coffee stirs, Halloween-inspired scenery. Logos, websites, everything!

Mario Bowling Concept Cards. August 30th, 2022
Jimmy Neutron Shrink Ray. September 17th, 2022

By this point, it became abundantly clear that 2022 was about reclaiming my time as an individual. These months were hard. Others often measure success. Meaning most times, for something to be regarded as successful, you'd need the approval of others. (At least what I thought.) Whatever you've created or whatever idea you have, for it to be of "worth," someone usually has to sign off on it. For August to October, I strove to push back on that. I focused on how well I could build upon what I was learning and used that to determine the success of my art. This proved to be much more rewarding.

My friend Fred is in the graveyard. October 8th, 2022
Push It, Push It, Push It, Push It, Push It, Push It, Push It, Push It - O.T. Genasis

November and December

I like circles. That much has not changed.

Ornament-inspired design. November 5th, 2022

I love learning, and I don't need an end goal. Because of 2022, I know more clearly that every day is a day to be inspired.

Vase/Lampshade. December 3rd, 2022

Here's to another year of growth. Another year of not walking past the color purple.

Chemical reaction wall art. Yesterday
"…it means the journey ahead might get shorter, I might reach the end of my rope. But suddenly loud as a mortar, there's hope…" - This is Not Over Yet, Parade

All images are of work designed and owned by the writer.